Confined Spaces Training

Why you need Confined Spaces Training

Many people die or are seriously injured in confined spaces each year in the UK. Those killed include many people working in the confined space and those who try to rescue them without them having sufficient confined spaces training and equipment.

It is now the law that if you are involved with entering, controlling or supervising people involved with confined space work you must have received training. Failure to comply with the 1997 Confined Space regulations can result in prosecution.

Taskmasters offer a very comprehensive collection of Confined Space Courses. Taskmasters have a custom built “Urban Rat Run” giving the perfect realistic environment for candidates to learn the necessary practical skills required of them in real life scenarios. Taskmasters complete a range of confined spaces courses including; Confined Space Awareness, Confined Space Medium Risk (CP1), Confined Space High Risk (CP2) including breathing apparatus, Confined Space Recue/Evacuation, Confined Space Top Man and Confined Space Management.

Courses are held at Taskmasters Training Academy in Kent, in the South East. Training can also be completed on site if requested, however an appropriate and suitable practical facility must be in place.

In addition to the training below, Taskmasters also offer Rescue Chaperone and Access services for confined spaces.

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