Advanced Climber Training


This Advanced Climber Training course is specifically aimed at candidates who need to gain access to open steelwork such as telecoms masts and towers. The course covers all aspects of basic height safety as well as climbing techniques (both practical and classroom-based), rescue considerations, RF Hazards and a basic introduction to rescue and suspension trauma.


The aim of the Advanced Climber Training course is for candidates to be aware of their roles and responsibilities within the workplace. This will include the preparation of required documentation for the planning safe systems of work in relation to working at height/rescue. The course will include carrying out pre-assessment surveys to ascertain what systems of work
are needed when working at height using the correct equipment/procedures. This training will also include covering
knowledge and understanding of the different types of access methods/equipment including the processes for retrieval and rescue procedures in relation to (TTT) i.e. Triage/Treat/Transport.


Upon successful completion of the course candidates will have acquired knowledge/skills in the following areas:

  • Legislation/guidelines covering working at height/rescue
  • How to manage systems of work covering workers in the workplace at height
  • Basic aerial rigging, lifting and associated equipment
  • Basic care of climbing equipment
  • Practical application of PFPE
  • Practical application of climbing techniques using training towers
  • Awareness of rescue planning and emergencies


  • Prior to taking this course you must have the required levels of fitness in order to be able to train unimpaired and have no
    medical issues that could affect your ability to climb/work at height.
  • Additionally, the relevant experience and qualifications must have been previously gained in First Aid.


Certification is for the period of three years, although we would recommend a refresher after the period of one year.


  • 2 days

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