Pest Control

Pest Control:

Taskmasters have teams of experts in the pest control sectors to be able to take pride in being able to provide humane systems, that are proactive, preventative and non-harmful to animals that people often call pests.

Our team of experts deal with projects that are either challenging to access or too expensive by more conventional methods.

Our Rope Access Pest Control Services include:

  • Audible Speaker to immolate birds of prey that can be controlled by sensors or remote activation
  • Wires/Spikes to vertical/horizontal areas to prevent birds perching within these areas
  • Netting over small spans or over complete stand areas big/small we cover it all
  • Kite system bird of prey or reflective discs to be installed on roof areas to activate warning to other birds.

If you are having trouble with pest control in a difficult area to access, then contact our team on 0800 169 0859 you can be assured we will find the best solution for you.

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