Confined Space Training Zone


Within our academy we have specialist Confined Space Training Zone “The Urban Rat Run” to provide realistic practical training in a controlled environment.

The Confined Space Training Zone has many unique features including:

  • Two separate vertical tunnels with ladders on to ensure access can be gained either by walking up/down the ladder or being lowered down via tri-pod from the top of the tank.
  • A horizontal tank/cubic area that is converted from a 30ft sea container into a 3-chamber system with two walkway tunnels leading into middle tunnel with an adjustable height ceiling that can be altered to the height of choice from 2.3 meters down to 0.5 meters as to simulate a low height access point where access/egress would be achieved via hands/knees along the shaft to access the other side.
  • The confined spaces zones also have an external fixed ladder with safety rail, enabling the operatives during training to access the roof of the confined space zone that is 7 meters high and up to 9 meters standing height, with a safety rails around the designated walkway once you reach the top of the roof, the added benefit is the hatch system next to the tri pod, that leads down to one of the vertical shafts.
  • All the chamber areas are coated specialised non-reflective paint to ensure the areas to access are realistic to a real-life tunnel/shaft.
  • The shafts also have emergency lighting in case of head torch failure
  • The confined space pod also has 3 separate access doors and one opening hatch
  • The confined space pod also has 2 separate access doors to the front of the container in case of emergency egress
  • Night vision cameras in each tunnel point along the horizontal access zones


The green zone has many unique benefits including:

  • (RLT) Real life tunnels/shafts in vertical and horizontal positions
  • Real life lowering/lifting points that simulate accessing tunnels/shafts
  • (MTAP) Multiple Tunnel Access Points enabling different groups to access many access/egress points at the same
  • Filming cameras in (LLDC) low light and darkness conditions as to monitor the training and rescue procedures that can be played back to the training candidates for evaluation techniques
  • Specialised (SHP) safety hook points for emergency rescue/evacuation so that quick/easy access can be carried out in an emergency

Courses completed in the Green Zone:

Confined Spaces Training

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