Wind Energy Zone

The Wind Energy ZONE is dedicated to our accredited GWO wind energy training and features an abundance of amazing features:

Nacelle/Tower Section

  • Two-storey access tower complete with vertical ladder and wire safe system
  • Large Nacelle simulator on top landing with various anchor points for complex rescues.
  • Escape hatch in Nacelle


  • Multiple access hatches, of various sizes emulating challenges you may encounter within a WTG.
  • Crawl spaces, to simulate a “real life” environment.
  • Interchangeable hatches, to accommodate specific WTG models, to create a realistic scenario in order meet a specific task.
  • Unique Spinner section to simulates what you may encounter in your WTG.
  • Blade tunnels at different elevations, so teams can simultaneously train in tandem
  • Vertical YAW interchangeable Tunnel section

Types of example courses that can be completed in the GWO wind energy training structure:

GWO Advance Rescue (ART) Training
GWO Enhanced First Aid (EFA) Training
GWO Courses

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