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Taskmasters are very unique in the industry of safety systems due to the flexible, technical approach we have to the design and installation of safety systems.

This means that we can install an “off the shelf safety system” from one of the many manufactures that we are approved with, or a specialists system that meets the exact requirement specifically for the project that has never been designed before.

We normally carry out a consultation period where we work with the customer in the process that normally includes the architect or planning consultant and then recommend the most suitable and cost effective system to meet the exact requirement.

The package would also include a comprehensive after sale service of a specific and detailed operation and maintenance manual that would normally include the future use of all the proposed contractors intending on using the recommended system/s.

Listed below are some examples of some past systems that we have installed:

Client: FPD Savills

Type of system: Various systems

Including a two part system for normal contractors i.e. air conditioning engineers and also for abseiling/window cleaning operatives

Client: Charlton Athletic Football Club

Type of system: Eyebolts

High-Tension eyebolts were installed for the protective pitch canopy: this system was particularly challenging due the high tensile/shear loading that could occur during and while the canopy is in place, the eyebolts had to be strategically placed to ensure equal loading to all areas of the concrete surrounding.

Client: Kier London 

Type of system: Abseiling Eyebolts

This system was installed on a government building. The system was installed into steelwork beams into the internal roof beams of the structural roof, the works required had to carried out during a night shift process and the only way the bolts could be installed was to utilise the services of rope access techniques, via aid climbing with a tension line set-up for the drilling process and for transporting materials while the drilling process was being carried out.

Client: City of London Police

Type of System: Various.

There were various systems installed at this location to include abseil eyebolts/brackets, the roof top areas were limited so we had to look at a limited option scenario and take advantage of wall structures and staircase concrete supports, the location also has a climbing wall of approximately 15 metres high so we had to design a special weight loading stainless steel belay bar to ensure repeated loadings could occur without, compromising safety to the system.


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